Academic Performance Analysis - SCHELPS Consulting

Learners Proficiency Report :

We analyze the academic performance of learners in each of the subjects and classes in your school.

Learners Progress Report :

We help you analyze the instances and variation in the academic performance of students to ascertain improvement and decline..

Assessment Instance Report :

We analyze performance of learners across multiple assessment instances to understand influence of assessment type on their performance..

Data Interpretation & Insights :

We interpret the analyzed data in a comprehensible and actionable manner, providing recommendations that can improve the academic standard of your school.

Our consulting engagement will be focused on conducting a proper assessment and reporting of instances and trends in academic Performance optimization factors which will help provide us provide you with actionable and sustainable insights which will be useful in improving learners' academic performance.

  • Weekly | Monthly Academic Performance Report & Review Sessions.
  • Mid - Term | Termly Academic Performance Report.
  • Termly Class Broadsheet Analysis & Report
  • School Academic Performance Analysis & Report
  • Termly School Insights Trainings