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SCHELPS is a corporate support consulting firm with proven expertise and experience in integrating IT and Data into organization process to facilitate better performance.

We advise corporate leaders on their most critical issues, opportunities, strategies and business processes to identify opimization areas, generate determinate business insights and facilitate better results.

SCHELPS maintains a culture of integrity, continuous learning and agility to ensure clients' objectives are met within the scope of available resources to achieve deliverables that facilitate better results.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global facilitator of data driven decision making for the achievement of better results.


Our Mission

We are committed to continually facilitating data driven decisions through provide determinate insights in business situations while integrating ICT into business operations and developing the needful competencies to achieve better results.


Our Values

Integrity | Research | Agility | Synergy | Continuous Learning

Our Services

How we work


At SCHELPS, we understand that at the heart of business interactions and transactions lies the generation of data; our engagement with all our clients begins with

  • Identifiying and capturing relevant and functional data sources .
  • Automating analysis that generates report with determinate insights
  • Facilitating an organisation - wide data driven decision making culture


OUr involvement in the projects, business and operations of our clients has been channeled towards identifying optimization areas and providing determinate insights for facilitating better results.

  • We provide a skill gap analysis to assess organisations fitness for present and future challenges and opportunities.
  • Our focus is on developing the competency required for achieving business objectives and maximizing business opportunities.
  • We ensure that the right framework and strategy is adopted to scale the dynamism in organisation situations.


We integrate ICT into operations by developing software for people against the paradigm of people for software, We look at how you do it and integrate ICT into your process to promote efficiency.

  • We assess the process and needs of our clients to develop a use case; it's simply, how do you want it to work?
  • We develop our software in an agile environment with an iteration approach to ensure deliverables are .
  • We work with our client to ensure IT investment don't just lay idle by providing the manpower support to operationalize IT projects.


Our Services

Data Capturing

We engage in data collection for our clients - primary data, both online and offline, research, registration and documentation, Biometric and other data specified by our clients.

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Web Application Development

We have the expertise and experience required tp develop and deploy softwares, web - stand alone applications that meet client busniess needs.

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We are a knowledge driven consulting firm, we provide the needful in-house, online and refreshal trainings that builds the salient competemcies to achieve better results.

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Data Analysis

We build IT Platforms that can automate the flow of data from the database to a data analytics gateway to a determinate dashboards

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Digital Marketing

We ensure our clients reach their targetted audience using the best available platforms within a reasonable budget. We provide the needful leverage for your campaigns and product marketing

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HR Performance Appraisal

We continue to develop world class tools that provide the needful feedback organisation needs to understand performance standards and improvement areas

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Our Projects

Over the years, we have continually delivered highly productive projects to clients across geographical areas and industries.

Learners Data Capturing Project 2017

A project we partnered with ANCOPPS, Ogun State, Amorben Limited and Department of Planning Research and Statistics, Ministry of Education Science & Technology Ogun State to capture learners bio-data, academic and contact data.

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Teaching Service Commission, Ogun State CBT Promotion Examination 2019

We developed a CBT software to manage the assessment of teachers for the 2016/2017 promotion set.

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