What we do

We keep an eye on Key Performance Indicators, trends and influencing factors across industries to provide INSIGHTS for our client schools.

SCHELPS Consulting appraises, analyses and reports PERFORMANCE trends and instance in our client schools. Our clients engage us to integrate analysis into their corporate structure to identify optimization factors that improves PERFORMANCE to achieve better results.

OUR STRENGTH is in our ability to sieve through the information needs of our client schools in making strategic or functional decisions. We cap this up by fostering and guiding the data driven decisions in our client schools


SCHELPS Consulting

Our Vision is to have an Optimally Performing Education Industry in Africa

Analytical Prowess

Data mining, Data transformation, Data Analysis and Data Visualization

Innovative Blue - Sky Thinking

Creative Solutions design using data hindsights and foresights


We provide quantitative validation for every qualitative assumptions.

Result Oriented

We develop a business case for every of our consulting enagement

Reports & Determinate Insights

We provide and ensure the right use of actionable information.


We ensure our clients information are safe and personal.

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