ICT Tools For Customer Engagement in Schools

Customer engagement is the frequency and duration of interactions with a customer that in turn return value to your marketing efforts. It is a broad measure that is typically customized to the industry, business and marketing area.

Ages past, this aspect used to be a challenge for business owners as customers, in this regards parents are scattered across areas. How ever, technology has helped form a global community which makes for better interaction between schools and parents.

Some of the tools includes:


 WhatsApp for Business

Unlike creating a WhatsApp group of parents which has a lot of disadvantages, WhatsApp for Business will help you with auto-  responders to quickly attend to customer enquiry.     A WhatsApp for Business widget can be inserted in the emails and even your webpage.

 School Blog 

    A blog is a constantly updated webpage where customers can easily get current information about your school. From your calendar to update on events, Even a photo gallery of activities speaks for your school.

 Facebook page 

     It’s very important to have a Facebook page. Not just this page but you need to constantly update it to ensure your school maximise the Facebook prospect.

The likes and comments on your posts are pointers to how well you’re engaging customers. You can always download an analysis of the engagement of your Facebook page from the Facebook server to get insights on what excites prospective and existing customers.



  This is another social media tool for interacting with parents especially the young ones. A daily upload of the best activity in your school can spark curiosity in some customers.


 Google for Business 

This is one of my most powerful tool in search engine optimization for businesses.

Creating and updating your school business on this platform helps to attract new customers to view your business and also helps to engage them frequently.


Above all, it’s not enough to just have accounts in all these social media platforms but constantly updating your school handles on this platforms is what can help you Maximise technology as a customer engagement tool.

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