What you should Know about WAEC CASS in 2019


One thing that will be very popular in the education industry this year, especially in senior secondary schools in Nigeria is the WAEC Continuous Assessment Score Software.

West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has accused secondary schools nationwide of manufacturing Continuous Assessment Score (CASS) for their students.
CASS forms 30 per cent of student grade in the May/June West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). The capturing starts from SS1 but the CASS used to compute the total score for the terminal examination is the one recorded at SS111.

This simply implies that all students in SS1 and SS2 classes in your school will have to be registered in the WAEC CASS software. This software will allow to upload the scores of your student in their examinations right from SS1.


Implications  of the WAEC CASS

  1. The implication of this is that if a student isn’t captured in SS1 this year, he or she may have to won’t be able to write WAEC May/ June in 2021.
  1. This possess a lot of benefits to private schools as you now have a hold on your students. What do I mean? you will generate CASS pin for each students, which advisable should be kept by the school as this is the most important WAEC registration data when the student gets to SS3. If you have captured a student in your school in SS1, the student definitely needs your consent and permission before such can be withdrawn to write the exams in another school. Hence, once captured, such students can’t be registered in another school for internal exams. I do hope you understand this better.
  1. Students won’t take internal examinations lightly as it form 30% of their WAEC scores.
  1. All schools need to keep proper records of the examination scores of their students in case your school is selected for audit.
  1. All schools should have at least a laptop, a finger print scanner and a webcam for registration.
  2. This is available for only WAEC Approved schools.
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