Like the name simply implies, Computer Based Testing is the process of administering academic assessment using an electronic medium such as the computer system. It entails the authoring of questions and of course profiling of candidates for examinations. This method of assessment is the modern medium through which 21st century schools must begin to rethink assessment and of course build both teachers and students’ competency.


Over the years, I have heard of several complexities regards the implementation of a computer based test hence this is misconceived because of the scarce expertise in this regards. However, I hope to make it simple and lay for you to understand.

  1. Server : a server system is a computer that serves as the source for other connected devices. It’s the computer system that you install the computer based testing web application, feed questions into, input candidate profiles and also view results. This server system should have a configuration of at least core I5, 4gig RAM and 2.7ghz speed for a 50 networked system capacity for your school.


  1. 50 Networked computer systems : to start with in a school of 300 population, I advise you start with a capacity of 50 systems on the network. A laptop or desktop system with a 2gig RAM will be sufficient.


  1. A Computer Based Testing Software : This is one of your key requirement, in fact the essence of getting other facilities. Your CBT software should be that which has easy to use interface, with provision for question authoring and candidate profiling. It should be customized for your school. Then you should be sure you have license to use all its features. One key feature you look out for is the ability for candidates to continue from where they stopped in case there is an interruption then you need to be sure the software can reshuffle questions for candidates attempting the same examination.


  1. Power supply : A very key success factor for a CBT process is uninterrupted power supply especially in this part of the world, you must have a generating set to power your systems and if possible have an inverter for back up.


  1. Skilled Personnel: This is one factor that ensures that your financial investment is maximized. You need to ensure you have a trustworthy and competent hand in on ground to manage the facility and deploy the examination software when there’s need. One key competence required for such personnel is the ability to manage IT facilities such that he can at least fix minor system issues.


  1. One key thing in CBT is identity management. It is important to have a reference number that is unique for all your students and ensure that this number is constant through out your students academic programme.


Benefits of Computer Based Testing


  1. It is very fast and efficient
  2. It prepares learners for the future of assessment especially in external examinations. I strongly recommend CBT for senior secondary schools.
  3. It reduces the possibility of malpractices especially with the question shuffling features.
  4. It ensures results are generated within the shortest time. You can generate result almost immediately after a candidate finishes the exam thereby saving useful business hours.
  5. It helps to personalize assessment such that learners are independently assessed.
  6. It can serve as an income generation stream for your school.
  7. It has a higher return on investment than the traditional assessment method. It is less expensive in the long run.

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