SCHELPS Insights provides timely, correct and concise information to our client schools without geographical boundaries.

We keep an eye on Key Performance Indicators, trends and influencing factors across classes to provide INSIGHTS for our client schools.

SCHELPS Insights ensures proper LEARNING of Information in an understandable and applicable manner to all that duly needs it within our client schools – teachers, counselors, parents, students etc.

We have a team of deep – dive data scientist with several years of data analytics and reporting experience and background working with client schools across Nigeria.

Our expertise is supported with appropriate data analysis tools to ensure that we deliver timely, correct and concise information to our clients. We use Data transformation and analytic Software in carrying out our analytic work; you can be sure our analysis is done to international standards.

We are confident that our service will meet your needs and look forward to discussing it further with you. Kindly fill our service subscription to get our price quote.

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