Microsoft Excel and Power Business Intelligence Software - From Beginner to Pro

The training you registered for will help you build skills that will help you up to use Microsoft Excel and Power Business Intelligence Software to :
o Identify and capture relevant and functional data sources.
o Automate analysis that generates report with determinate insights
o Facilitate an organization - wide data driven decision making culture

TRAINING SCHEDULE The training has been schedule to hold as follow:
Monday, May 18, 2020 – Friday, May 22, 2020
Time : 11am – 12pm
Time zone: (UTC+01:00) West Central Africa
Platform : ZOOM



Scaling from Classroom Teachers to School Owners

Being a classroom teacher gives you the opportunity to acquire the skills required to teach effectively in a classroom. It helps to acquire the professional hands-on experience through workplace interaction and classroom teaching.
It is one thing to acquire a skill, it is another to gain mastery of the business acumen of one's desired professional. School business is learnt and can be taught.
This training will avail you the opprotunity to get first hand information on how the facilitator herself scaled from being a classroom teacher to the director of a fast growing school?



Sustainability Strategies For Private School Business in the wake of COVID 19

As the doors of schools, offices, banks and public places which were shut due to the outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide are beginning to hinge towards re-opening, though amidst projected economic anxieties and workplace disruptions.
We consider resumption of school activities after the lockdown from these sides to discuss the best strategy to ensure your school is solvent enough to meet financial obligations and optimal enough to ensure efficient use scarce resources.
What strategies can be adopted to achieve productive efficiency and financial stability in your school business?


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